Paradise Found

Writing my first blog post from Togat Nusa Retreat, a little island we have been lucky to call home the last week. This place is honestly the epitome of paradise. The closest you can get to being shipwrecked on a tropical island. Private and secluded with the whitest sandy beaches, amazing surf and hammocks nestled amongst the palm trees!


So what does one do with themselves here? I have been barefoot since I arrived, spending the days enjoying the feeling of sand between my toes and endless swimming, daily yoga snorkelling and surfing in the clearest blue oceans! We snack on fresh fruit and drink coconuts from the palm trees above. I am loving how slow time moves here and enjoying endless hours of reading. I honestly never want to go home...


Over the years, John and Ainsley have become like our family and we hope to spend more and more time here, making memories together. Togat Nusa officially just became a turtle Sanctuary so if you're lucky, you will see turtles nesting which is an incredible sight!


The photos in this post taken by my amazing friends, Tommy Schultz and Hatsumi Ishibashi (with the occasional iPhone photo from me thrown in there). You can see why it's one of my favourite places. Heaven on earth... Until next time. 

Hello Friends

Super excited to have this little space to call my own! To share our family adventures and the things that inspire and move me! Most of all, I love the idea of connecting with you all. I'm so thankful for your endless support over the years because it's all of you, who have made this Sea Gypsy dream of mine a reality! Without you, none of this would be possible!

So what to share in my first post... A couple of favourite photos of my tribe, doing what we love most. Exploring with happy hearts.

Ok. Lots more coming soon. Bye for now. Ness x


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