Inner Circle Malachite Necklace

The Inner circle necklace features the small Sea Gypsy Mandala pendant with a full length silver and Malachite cabochon chain.

Length: 70.0 cm

Drop: 2.0cm

Pendant 2.0cm

The Mandala represents the Sanskrit meaning of circle. Mandalas are circular designs symbolising the notion that life is never ending.

Malachite: the color of the Heart Chakra. This powerful stone offers protection from heavy energies, encourages productivity, positive transformation within the self, diffuses self victimization, as well as inviting abundance into one’s life.

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2020 Ring size and Jewelry Care

Ring Size Chart

Our ring size options are based on the USA chart, please use the corresponding chart below for international size comparison.

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Sea Gypsy Jewelry Care

Believe it or not, we have learned over time that the best way in taking care of our sterling silver jewelry, is to wear it often! The oils in our skin clean the jewelry and keep it nice and shiny.  A silver cloth can also help clean or 100% cotton lint free cloth, however we advise to be gentle when polishing.

Some of our jewelry is delicate  and we encourage customers to take extra care when wearing it daily. An easy tip is taking off your rings when you are doing rough hand work that may damage a stone or the shape of a ring. We also recommend taking your jewelry off when washing your hands, showering, sleeping, exercising. 

Best to avoid direct contact with perspiration, perfumes, cleaning agents, hot water, chlorine, salt water, and silver polish.

Please  do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding care or cleaning of your jewelry as certain chemicals and techniques may damage your jewelry and stones. 

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