Customer Love // Nadine (AKA: Blonde Seashell)

Customer Love // Nadine (AKA: Blonde Seashell)

We are super excited to share our first post featuring one of our favourite customers! This will be an ongoing series called 'Customer Love'. Find out more about being featured here at the end of the post. 

Meet Nadine, also known as Blonde Seashell. A blogger from Switzerland, living the life of a digital nomad. She has called Bali home for almost two years now and we spent a morning down at Echo Beach, chatting and taking photos. 

First up, a few photos from Nadine's instagram. 

Blonde Seashell

Now for a few questions. What do you love about life in Bali?
The weather, the healthy food, the holistic lifestyle and just the vibe this island has. Pure magic!

Top tip for living the life of a digital nomad?
Find out where the best wifi is :) Seriously, without a good internet connection you can't do your work. Then also make sure you find the best spot for sunsets because you don't want to work all day, right :)

Favourite place you have ever been? Why?
Bali, Australia, and Hawaii. I feel like Bali and Hawaii have a similar vibe which is why I am so drawn to Hawaii. I think Australia has the most breathtaking nature I've ever seen. Also the scariest animals.

Top of your travel bucket list?

Philippines and Maldives. I've always wanted to go to the Maldives! I always said that I want to go there for my honeymoon so I guess I will wait for that a bit. The Philippines have so many beautiful beaches and are it's not super touristy yet so I feel like I need to get there asap. 

Favourite sea gypsy piece?

Definitely, the lapis and crystal necklace (the Gili Necklace is coming to our online store soon). I love the combination of handcrafted silver and stone. 

If you were to write a book about your life, what would the title of the current chapter of your book be called?

Wondering about the future....

If you weren’t a travel blogger, what would you be?
A journalist. Oh hang on. I've been that already ;) I just love to share stories. 

Share a favorite photo you took on your travels and tell us the story behind it?
The photo is not as amazing but the place was. White haven beach has been on my bucket list forever and simply took my breath away when I was there. One of my happiest travel moments! 

Thanks so much Nadine for taking the time to talk with us! That was fun!

To see more of Nadine visit Instagram  //  Facebook  //  Website

Thanks to Rowe Timson for the echo beach photos in this post. Love your work!

If you would like to be a featured customer, please email us and introduce yourself. Be sure to include a few photos and tell us your favourite Sea Gypsy piece too!

Ness x

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