Adventures in Sri Lanka

Adventures in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has to be one of my favourite places to visit. The beaches are beautiful, the people so warm and the food is delicious!
Getting out and exploring off the beaten track is truly a feast for the senses... The country side is incredible with rich tea plantations. There are endless temples, waterfalls and the most beautiful rainforests! Wild animals roam close by which the kids love. Actually, it’s not uncommon to come back to your tuk tuk to find a big elephant there to greet you!
We stay Hideaway Arugam Bay and drink the best coffee at Hideaway Blue. We spend our days laughing, eating and surfing with family and friends. 
BOHOMA ISTUTI Sri Lanka (thank you in Sinhala) for all the rich experiences you have given us! For providing the space to just get away from our everyday rhythm to a slower, easier pace. It’s a time I cherish together with my family. Looking forward to more adventures soon! 
Aside for a few of our own, not so good, iPhone photos (Haha!), the photos in this post were taken by some insanely talented friends. Please visit the photographers instagram accounts and show them some love! 
Until next time, Ness x


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